Terrorizing The Cans – NOT

2017 06 23

Went OUT with The Grand Illusions gals.  Used the toilets too.  I prefer one holers if possible.  “Family”, “handicapped”, small restaurants have one holers, GWs, the like.  I have a built in radar for them.  Last thing I wanna do is go in a women’s can when there is any alternative.  But if I gotta go, and there is only one choice, I get in, do my business, and get out.  With my head down.  FAST!  As respect and wanting that same courtesy for my SO.

Anyway I always assemble three outfits for any day OUT.  Sometimes four.  That means I coordinate and pre select, from the top down, coat, hat, earrings, necklace, slip, dress (or skirt suit, maybe a top and skirt), belt if appropriate, rings, bracelets, watch, stockings, ankle bracelet, shoes (or boots).  All tried on a day or more earlier with the full foundation assembly: A first class bits disappearing, shaper (bra and panties in one), corset, padded panties, forms.  Then I can see how everything works together.

Each outfit is on a bill of materials written up for that outfit and day.  Listed just like list from the top down.  Each item of clothing is on a hanger with a numbered tag corresponding to the number of the bill of material.  So the first outfit is numbered 1 on each tag for each item and on the BOM.  The first outfit numbered 1 hangs on a dedicated hook, coat, dress, slip, hat.  The jewelry goes in a plastic tray and sits on top of the shoe box alongside the purse.  The second outfit is also prepped that way and numbered, everything in plastic cleaner bags.  Except for the jewelry (in numbered plastic storage containers with tops, and shoes which are also numbered and in a big cardboard tray.  So outfits two, three, and maybe even four are in bags, numbered, hanging on the To Go hook next to the Out The Door hook with the shoes, jewelry, and purses in a single kind of large cardboard tray  The bill of materials go in the plastic storage containers with the outfit number and sequence showing.  The night before I put the To Go outfits and tray in my car.

If it is a multi day OUTing, I do this for each day.  To differentiate the days the numbers on the tags are color coded and each day has a seperate tray for the jewelry, shoes, and purses.

That way on the day I am going OUT, in the rush to get ready, everything is planned, organized, laid out right down to lipstick color and nail color.

It might sound like a lot of work but really it isn’t any more work than if I did not do the tags and BOM.  Besides the tags are all organized, ready to go, and reused.

And it saves the last minute panic for something needing cleaning, repair, or not looking just right.

I love the technical aspects of this

Anyway I started out the day in a VERY wispy red dress.  This is like wearing AIR.  Unfortunately it is light, susceptible to any breeze, and shorter than I would like.  On the plus side it is cool, wispy, feels good, light, susceptible to any breeze, and shorter than I would like.  It feels like, well, nothing.  Bliss!  With my trademark coordinated hat, purse, and shoes.  And everything else.  The hat was from GWs and the red sash was brought over from another hat.

I changed in to a delightful red blazer and skirt.  The blazer is a wispy red linen and the skirt is organza flower print over a liner.  Very comphy and it feels like wearing a cloud.  Topped off by a black GW hat, the same red sash, and black ankle strap d’orsay shoes.  BLISS!

That evening I wore a new white lace dress.  Body con lace dress.  It fit like a glove.  But there is a seam around the whole dress right at the (feminine) waist.  So I used an elastic belt hat I found for a buck at GWs a couple of years ago.  PERFECT.

There is a small balcony at Rumors that I like to get a picture or two of.




We aren’t hurting anyone.  We aren’t asking for any special privileges.  We don’t want to offend anyone.  If everyone just accepts us for what we look like, then we will blend in and disappear from everyone’s radar.  If they want to chuckle to themselves and think that we are nuts, that is OK too.  But unless they have actually tried what we are doing, then how can they determine that what we are doing isn’t harmless fun?  I mean who are we harming?  Are they aware, if they haven’t tried this, that they are judging based on the programming stuffed in to them by previous generations?  Don’t they realize that by pushing things a bit, we are making the world a bit more tolerant?  And tolerant of trans persons helps tolerance in other ways too? Why not just let’s all have some fun while we can?  Before Yellowstone blows up and obliterates us all, the Feds take everyone’s guns away, the Ruskies send over some nukes, or Kimmie starts a war.

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