“Takin What There Given Cause I’m Workin For A Livin”

Huey Lewis and The News

2019 04 13

I have been working for the last couple of years in a totally completely extremely altogether different type of job than before I found Billie. Two places.

And OMG I am really enjoying myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is, for me, CDing at a whole different level. People are expecting me, as Billie, to accomplish something for them. And I have to do it while enfemme because they only know me as Billie.

Plus I choose to make this dressed as fashionable, classy, and appropriate as I can.

In my other life it is so simple, get up and throw on a work uniform. Maybe run a comb through my hair if I remember. Show up and get the job done. No importance placed on my appearance WHAT SO EVER. The only thing that matters in my other life is if the finished job works or not.

In my Billie life I know I could show up in what is a not much different outfit than that guy’s uniform, just fem. I could just throw something on and maybe comb my hair. But I don’t because there is some level of advantage to showing up looking pretty, looking “well put together”. I get some extra good will or acceptance by looking good or at least looking like I made the effort, showed respect for women and behaving in what would be complimentary to them. Certainly I get more acceptance as a “woman” because I look “well put together” than if I didn’t. With caveats about IF I actually do look good, I am not getting full of myself here. So show some respect for the women I am emulating by doing a classy presentation and they respect me because of it. They tell me so.

Can’t get that appearance advantage in my other life. It is ALL about the finished job, it either works or not.

But OMG women have to be competent AND look good too to take full advantage of or fill the requirements of the beauty curse.

Certain CDers do not get the respect what they are emulating. And people do not respect them. How do I know this? Because those people tell me. I get told this nearly every time I go out.

So now I know how much WORK it is to be “glam”. I put it in quotes because really, I am a fake and I know it.

But for me it is all FUN!

This is where I wanted to be. This is one of my CDer bucket list items. To be Billie doing what would be expected of me as Billie, experiencing the fashion and beauty industry handicaps. The challenges different from a guy.

The temperature extremes.

What I have learned:

Men have it easy.

Women have MUCH cleaner rest rooms.

Such Fun!

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Billie Anne Jean

I am just having FUN!