Ho Ho Ho Humbug (1 of 4)

2018 12 22

Laugh Fest is ten days of comedy ranging from nationally known comics to first timers.  In everything from a huge ballroom to a church.  Much of the sows are free, some are reasonably priced, and one is ridiculously expensive.

I volunteered to distribute Laugh Fest brochures in downtown Grand Rapids.Pretty much everything from 131 to Lafayette and 196 to Wealthy.  For those unfamiliar with Grand Rapids, this is about 1/2 square mile where all the large office buildings and six urban hotels are located.  Many restaurants,clubs, condo buildings, courts, police department, some stores, arena,convention center, performance halls.

It took three days to do.

The last day I had to do a scattering of places which were closed the first two times. Since it was very close to Christmas I decided to wear something Christmassy.

I got a LOT of compliments on my outfit. For laughs maybe one out of four, when they said “OOOH Cute costume! Merry Christmas!” I replied with a chuckle and some flair “Humbug”. THAT always got a big laugh. It was for Laugh Fest after all!

On the last day four people wanted to take or be in pictures with me. Here are the two who wanted to be in the picture with me. BTW I always ask permission to post.

Here I am right in the middle of Monroe Center! Lots of traffic and some hardy souls out in the cold.

My way of combating the lemons nature gave me.  Doing my best to have…………………………

Such Fun!
Billie Anne

Side note.  This web page hosting site used to have easy to use programming that allowed pretty easy manipulation of photos and even easier use of text.  They have changed their program and SURPRISE!  It is VERY difficult to do this page, and I can’t do what I could before.  Like putting more than one photo on the page.  I don’t even KNOW how I got the second photo on this page.  There is no longer a simple “Upload Photo” function.  So what you see here is my starting all over trying to figure out their “upgrade”.  Wish me luck!

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