Fliers(ing)! or Brrrrrrrr!

2018 11 23
2018 11 30

Working downtown Grand Rapids again.

Distributing fliers to every storefront, restaurant, bar, hotel, everything downtown.  Probably delivering well over 2000 of ’em.  That is a LOT of interaction between me and the rest of the (my) world.

Can’t get much more OUT there than that!

The people have been rather nice.  Even when I went in to a barbershop FULL of guys.  Had to have been twenty of them in there.  Went up to a barber at his chair,  he was covered in tats.  I asked like I do in all the places if I could leave some fliers.  He agreed, reaching out.  I placed them in his hand.  I got some stares there, a total looking over.  Probably the closest they ever got to “T” —–  That They Know Of.  Because T people have been with civilization since the beginning of time.  The others just didn’t notice.

No critique quite like going out in the midst of the real world and interacting.

I love doing that.  Pushing the limits, my limits anyway.

But it was COLD!!!! From the tips of my toes. Even women’s dress boots let the feet get old. But aren’t as comfortable for walking as these heels. Flats? No way!

Fashion has a price.

And then to a club.

And another club and another outfit!




Such (cold) Fun!
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