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Some interesting numbers.

I was recently in Eastern Europe.  The tour said that the country, the Check Republic, was decidedly non Christian.  I was prepared for an uncivilized population but found them to be quite polite, the streets largely free of rubbish, little graffiti, drivers courteous as in very few horn sounds, generally a civilized place..  This piqued my interest so I checked their crime stats.
For the Check Republic:
Opiate use          0.4%
Violent crime     181/million
Murder                                17.26/million
Rape                      45.77/million
Christians            25%
Atheists               75%

The country I came from and returned to:
For the USA:
Opiate use          0.57%
Violent crime     12,996/million
Murder                                42.01/million
Rape                      27,404/million
Christians            75%
Atheists               25%

I am just pointing out the differences in a place where the population is percentage wise very much not Christian to a place where percentage wise the population claims to be Christian.

The numbers may not be entirely accurate.  Jut what I could get off the net.

Numbers came from:
and Google

I love this country. But maybe it is time to look at our culture and see if we can put a bit of a correction in our direction. Perhaps bring civility back as a desired personality trait rather than perceived as a weakness.

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