2017 09 06

Every year for nine years now, the largest art exhibition and competition happens in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Nearly 1800 pieces of art including paintings, sculpture, performances, digital, movies, music, urban site art.  At around 175 venues scattered around downtown, nearby and at Meijer Gardens.  The competition is judged by people’s choice with prizes of $200,000 for first place and $12,500 for four other categories.  No second and third place prizes.  Just overall winner and winners in each of four categories of art: Performance (like video), 3D art (like sculpture), 2D (like paintings), and site (like a modified building or a temporary garden).  And there are the same but judged by a panel of professionals.

This whole shebang is run by four full time people and about a few hundred volunteers.  Two of thoe volunteers are CDers.  The organizers of Art Prize tell us that they are thrilled that we are volunteering.  We are right OUT there on the main street, every other day, for two or more hours, giving directions, answering questions, and posing for bazillion pictures.  People ask us all kinds of questions about CDing and a few about Art Prize.

Something like a half million people show up to view and experience the art, Grand Rapids, and it’s citizens.  I am one of the citizens they will be viewing!

To start we must attend a “training” session that lasts about an hour and a half.  So this becomes an opportunity for Billie to have a day of enfemme OUTing!  Before the training, I went to some GWs and a couple of Salvation Army stores.  I snagged some really great stuff!  I wore a wonderfully sensuous knit skirt, very heavy yet soft and cool.  From Macy’s for less than $13!  With a blazer from GWs for about five bucks.  Hat was $5 purchased in Japan.





And stopped to fill up before the last station raises their prices.  Probably due to the hurricane that hit Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana?



I had a laugh at this pose after I got home!  The picture was taken in all innocence.  But taken a different way the photo is quite suggestive.  So I am including it for you to enjoy a laugh too.  Funny how pictures tend to look so much different when you have time to look.

For For the training I wore a dress from GWs that I LOVE!  And shoes that kill my feet but look SO CUTE!  But I didn’t have to walk far and I could take them off during the training session.  So fashion comes before comfort!

After the training I changed shoes and we headed off to a mall food court for a late small dinner and conversation.

There is a merry go round nearby.  My beloved SO advised that it would make a great background.  She even did photographer duty again.

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