2019 12 22

So I went OUT to Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids Michigan dressed for fun wearing a Christmas themed costume, as you can see.

For a something to do I decided to give out Hersey Kisses on which the foil covering looked like my hat.  But first I had to BUY them at Meijer.  Meijer is something like wallfart except Meijer pays their help better, there are more staff to help you, the goods are better, and cheaper.  And they don’t hire non documented labor.  About 400 stores in the Midwest.

Alas their parking lot was Completely Full.  Save for ONE space all the way at the FAR extreme end.  So I trudged in my heels round trip.

Then off to The Mall.

As I walked the corridors of the large mall and the anchor stores, people – The General Population – saw some fun in what I was wearing and smiled – about 15%.  People had fun with what I was doing and engaged me in conversation or made complimentary statements – about 15%.  People were poker faced – about 50%.  And people had a scowl or frown – about 20%.

For those who smiled I gave one Hersey kiss and told them Merry Christmas.

For those that engaged me I gave two Hersey kisses.

For those who had poker faces I gave a Mona Lisa smile.

For those who had a scowl I had nothing to offer.

So about a hundred people, more or less.  Of which thirty had their good behavior reinforced in a somewhat subtle way.

Hoping to improve the lot for the T in LGBT one interaction at a time.

And having…….