Busy Busy on a Yellow Day

2019 05 21

More traveling.
Boating between the icebergs.
When it isn’t raining.
Roofing. (Not a typo.)

And going OUT!!!!!!

As usual I found this spring coat at GWs for a pittance. I just wish GWs was more like it was years ago when the employees were handicapped and the prices were affordable to even their employees.

I am standing on a corner in downtown Grand Rapids. People are passing by on all four sidewalks going all four directions. Same for the cars and trucks.
And here I am. OUT there. Getting away with something.

If you look on the pavement behind me you can see a change in color. That is because it is starting to rain.

I have a collection of umbrellas. For some reason you don’t see any pictures of CDers OUTnAbout in the rain with an umbrella. Wonder why?
Walking in a skirt or dress with shoes that have a mostly non existent top and legs effectively bare is a whole lot different than doing so covered in armor from neck to toes. In a skirt I can feel every errant rain drop that makes it around my moving roof.

These women’s umbrellas are so cool! They protect my hat, hair, makeup, and shoulders. But because the diameter, for some reason, is kept to a minimum, my knees to the top of my feet are exposed to the elements. And I can feel every single raindrop that lands on my skin. THAT is a completely gender based sensation.

So off to the mall. These places have become the town square where people gather to be out. I go there to be OUT. Passing through and going about my CDer business, unnoticed. THAT is so much fun! This dress came from the Younker’s chain which was part of BonTon. They folded a couple of years ago. I loved that store not because I could buy things there. Too expensive for my sensibilities. I just liked to look at the pretty colors and fabrics from the designers. This is a Calvin Klein dress in a HEAVY fabric and it is also lined with a heavy material. So the dress is almost stiff even though the fabrics are soft. Yet it is cool. So when I walk, I move inside the dress which is like a bell. I bought this at the liquidation sale at Younkers.

When I get home from my day OUT and plug my simm card in my PC and look at the pictures for the first time, I am SO grateful that they turn out. Actually I am AMAZED that they turn out so good and that more than one turns out. This day I had almost a hundred photos and it is hard to decide which ones are the best! HOW does that happen? Must be a magic camera?

I found the shoes at The Shoe Department for $17. The shrug was GWs for $3.

I feel sorry for anyone who has not experienced getting all dolled up and going out on the town. I am SO lucky to have experienced the world from a different perspective. OUT!

This outfit is my third for the day but unfortunately not the third dress because the zipper on that one failed. Even though I try on everything the day before. So I have a dress that I must mend. I adapted with the first dress of the day combined with everything else from the third outfit. Everything came from GWs except the boots and hat. The hat was like $2 from Wallyworld. I avoid that place because of their labor practices and predatory behavior. But a friend told me that had these medium brim hats. This and the first hat of the day came white, I painted the second one yellow. The boots came from Payless, now gone. On sale for like $19.00. I painted them white. Shrug from GWs.

OMG I am having a great time with this! It is an adventure thumbing my nose at societies rules in soft fabrics and beautiful colors. I am AMAZED at the fashion caused barriers women must adapt to for the benefits the beauty machine bestows on the fortunate. Meanwhile they must overcome or work around the disadvantages. But for me, because I am escaping the male world to do this, then escaping the fem world the very next day, I get to see and experience while having……………………