2018 10 03



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I was again a Volunteer Wayfinder at ArtPrize.  I directly interacted with easily a thousand people providing verbal directions and handing out over five hundred brochures/maps.

I LOVE interacting with the general population!

All the while having…………………………….
Such Fun


2018 10 02

I grew up in a racist environment. I was bullied by other races. Even beat with chains.

Racism is also a burden on those who are racist. It is a cancer that eats away at a person’s humanity. It is a disease that makes it possible for a racist to fool themselves in to thinking that they are superior merely because of birth an genes. Read this carefully and do not add any meaning that I did not make.

I decided that racism was NOT going to continue through me. I decided to raise my children to be free of the racism burden. They do not see color, they see how the person behaves and treats them.

BTW you will notice the similarities in racism and religion. Religion also teaches that you are superior or better because you are that religion.  Only by feeling superior could a religious person judge another on their gender identity, beliefs, sexual orientation, or their god or how they worship.

Sadly racism is a deep part of people’s makeup. If it is learned as a child it is very difficult to overcome.

Again another similarity to religion.

Racism permeates everywhere.

The Harley riders don’t like the sport bike riders.
The power boaters don’t like the rag baggers (sailors).
The rockers don’t like the country music fans don’t like the rappers, don’t like the jazz fans, don’t like the symphony fans, don’t like the rockers.

The “State U” fans don’t like the “University of” fans don’t like the “State U” and “University of” fans in the next state.

The L or G or T in LGBTQ don’t like the CDers.

The pickup truck drivers don’t like the person in their lane a quarter mile ahead.

The expensive import drivers don’t like the economy car drivers or anyone a quarter mile ahead in their lane.
The uber religious don’t like the atheists don’t like the uber religious.

The elitist Philadelphian who may not be directly criticizing Grand Rapids but praising Philly and saying how much more enlightened it is than West Michigan.

Sure these discriminations are very minor.  But they do teach children the easy to understand process of racism:  You are better than they just because.  And then one day the parent gets cut off by a big SUV driven by a kid grown up who saw his parents do their minor discriminations.

Take a look at this video:

This video is so sad. How will this effect that little boy? What, if anything, has he done to deserve this treatment? I wondered if this was just girls versus boys but there is a boy behind the girls. I feel sad for these children as they are going to get what they deserve.

I have been to Spain a number of times. It is a beautiful country.  Will it be spared some of the refugee crises? You see Jews, christians, atheists, blacks, whites, Spanish, gays, you name it, all out strolling the main pedestrian way. Little or no gangs of refugees. BUT if this is how the children are going to act, then in their generation Spain will LOOSE the country’s cohabitation quality and descend in to the quagmire of racism, bigotry, hate, and deterioration of the quality of life for EVERYONE.

Racism is a two headed snake. It bites the discriminated against and the bigot too!

When I was in early grade school my play friends were three back kids.  I just didn’t see their color.  Didn’t care.  And my mother was civilized enough to see that there wasn’t anything to see.  Kids playing with kids.

I changed schools late grade school and lost touch with them..

After High School it was off to University.  One day walking through campus who should I come upon but my childhood friend.  “MICKEY!” I exclaimed.  He wouldn’t even greet me.  I can not fathom what he had experienced between grade school and then.  I certainly knew what I had been through as a result of racism.  I had been assaulted and beat up many times becuse of my color and race.  I was hurt with Mikey, not judgmental. Was he racist?  Dunno.  But I felt a loss.

PEOPLE you don’t go to the same restaurant every day and order the same thing every time! You get all abuzz when a new TV show comes on the tube. You watch and decide if it is something you want to invest more time for future episodes. If it isn’t your desire you just go over to some other show. You don’t bomb the TV station, shoot your TV, go outside and march with sign decrying that show. You don’t get all hot and angry and spew hate. You are not shackled to someone you don’t choose. So enjoy each other. Enjoy the CDer who thinks she/he is getting away with looking the part. Laugh at me. Use me for dinner table jokes and mall texts questioning my intelligence. But don’t hate me!!!! It will come back to you one day as your hate spreads to others who hate to your children and the person looking at and hating YOU.

I intend to keep having………………….
Such Fun!