2017 08 10

I have been VERY VERY busy.

I own some rental properties.  I will only rent something that I would be happy living in.  It MUST be clean and fresh and well maintained.  One building had some sewer design issues dating from the original construction.  This means routine visits by rotorouter.  That was an expense of hundreds a month.  But more so the inconvenience to myself and exceeded more so by the inconvenience to my tenants.  To the point that I bought my own contractor grade power sewer cleaner and in the pipe camera!
Finally the property had a vacancy in the unit that the modifications for the whole building had to be done in.  It involved concrete sawing up the floor and digging a trench from the middle of that floor all the way to the street!
Sewer?  Done!

But then the floor had to be repoured.  Done!

And the original owner had done some shoddy HVAC repairs, the A/C had to be replaced in all units.  New service entrance in all units.  New data wiring, new cabinet faces, new outside doors and casings and trim, drywall, flooring, bath sink, tub, toilet, linen cabinet, new roof, soffit, fascia.  One unit completely new ductwork.  And on and on.

But finally it is done.

Oh and I did it all myself.

But more so why no blog?

I used the blog as a way to promote the support group I WAS running.  I am happy to say that I am free of that and have found that going back to my original CDer bucket list has been delightful.  Like starting out on a real motorcycle, going through some itinerations to a big heavy thing, and re-discovering the joy of a light, responsive, lightweight such as a Ducati Monster.  If you have never ridden one, you can’t possibly understand.

I re-found the joy of CDing.  It had been taken away from me.  Because I spent too much time trying to get others to respect the examples of the T in LGBTQ that they give to the general public.  I was going out with people who WANTED to stand out, and not in a classy way.  The general public doesn’t know the difference between those who choose to be exhibitionists and people who are trans through no choice of their own.  So they see inappropriate behavior and use a broad brush on all non gender conforming.  Including you and me.

But now without the problems, I can try to be the good ambasatrix I tried to get everyone to be.  What we had before the coup.

BUT I am having SO MUCH FUN now!!!!  The coup freed me!!!!!!

AND I got a job as Billie!  Part time.  But they know me as Billie!  Well by my real name.  Beatrice Jean Baker.  But since I was a little girl everyone has called me BillieAnne.  So that is what I use.

My “office” is in an old factory.  Right inside large windows, ground floor, people walking by.  I am right out there!

I am doing this in typical Billie fashion (as in method).

I had been doing internet research for them.

(I made this skirt to go with a blazer I found at Goodwill)






Then they needed someone to go out to businesses and do a very short presentation and hand out flyers.  Answer any questions too.OMG!  That is exactly for me!!!!!!!!!

I just LOVE being Right Out There!

In the last month or so I have been to maybe 200 businesses in Grand Rapids!  People ALL OVER town have seen me, interacted with me.  As Billie!  Looking like this:

I have been having a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me this is EXACTLY what CDing is all about!  I am getting the T out in to the general population.

Leaves No Time For Sergeants or any other TV for that matter.

Such Fun!
A free spirit who for some reason feels a need to promote and advocate for the T in LGBTQ.  To show that it is not about sex or fetishes.  That it is non threatening.  That it can be fun for even the casual observers.