Got kicked out of the group I founded because I insisted on people acting classy.  Pity, it WAS the only classy CDer group in existence.  People have been contacting me and telling me that one of those people has been going around and saying negtive things about me.  People from store workers to food service workers to other CDers.  Replaced by a group focused on “look at me!”.

The only thing I feel is disappointment in one person who claimed to be my friend.  The other person I am not at all surprised at.

And from requests I see that there will likely be an invitation only classy group reforming under the original name.

But ya know what?  I am now doing exactly what I set out to do in the beginning, before I started that murdered group.

In the beginning of my CDing I wanted to have a fem job where I was expected to show up enfemme and known as Billie and doing a job that is one of the jobs that females prefer.  I am doing internet research and enjoying myself.

I originally started that group to find some other classy ladies to go OUT with.  For safety mostly.  Safety in numbers.  But as time went on the classy ones, almost entirely the trans ones, would discover their inner comfort with their inner selves, get some confidence, sprout wings and fly.  Unfortunately the ones that stayed, that you couldn’t get rid of if you tried, were the fetishists.  Now I never tried to get rid of them.  But the group was founded with some basic tenants.  Mostly on behavior and appearance, to blend in.  To be a good ambasatrix for the T in LGBTQ.  Unfortunately the fetishists stand out like a flashing beacon.  AND behave like a flashing beacon to draw attention.  Or even flashing thigh and grabbing boobs.  AND documenting it on FB!  My safety was being degraded because of this behavior.  The BEST defense for a CDer is to go un noticed.

And that is what I am doing.


Where is this going?


FINALLY fashion is catching up to me!  The recent royal wedding which I did not watch was commented on by some woman fashion reporter, can’t recall her name’ who said that the wedding will bring ladies hats back in to fashion.



Haven’t the fashion people been paying attention?


I have been bringing hats back in to fashion for years.


Megan and the British female population have FINALLY acknowledged me through their adopting my signature fashion accessory.  (BTW I have about 100 hats!!!!)

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!



Cheers Cassidy!!!!  The third photo is a teaser for you.


2018 05 15

I found this dress at Goodwill.  $5.99

The hat came from Wallyworld.  I bought it for $2.99 the last time I was in there nearly a year ago.  I rarely go in to that company’s locations because I don’t like their business practices.

This dress fits like a glove.  Because it has no spandex, elastaine, or lycra it leaves NO room for error.  I have to exhale to zip it up and then I can breathe freely.  Well mostly freely.  But the fabric and the fit are heavenly as I become one with the dress.

The hat trim was $.60 from a stall in the Chinese market, Chinatown, Bangkok.  I bought eight in various colors.  They were attached via hot melt glue to clips used to attach them to a woman’s hair.  I placed them in my freezer at home for a few hours.  The glue becomes very brittle and snaps off at 0 degf.  I tied each of the flowers to a medium sized safety pin.  I can attach them to a hat.  That bit of color ties in a contrasting color hat to the outfit.

I LOVE the colors and putting together a coordinated outfit!

Bangkok is an amazing place.  BUT, BUT BUT.  You have to get there first.  It is a 15 hour plane flight from Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That means maybe six or seven in flight movies.  You get pretty flexible on what you will watch, even though the selection can be quite broad.  If lucky you arrive late evening, are whisked to your hotel, in the room, and out like a light, waking maybe ten hours later around mid morning.  Then off to explore this amazing place.  The people are SO sweet.  The place is rather clean compared to Laos, Cambodia, and definitely no comparison to third world Mynmar.  But nowhere in the world is as clean as Singapore.  Bangkok is just right.

I like the different poses.  I am experimenting a bit with “unusual” poses.  Like the feet apart woman in control pose.  This is traditionally a masculine pose.  Feet together, knee bent, one heel raised is a feminine pose.

I am having much more fun now that I don’t have to babysit some fetishists.  GAWD!  It was a constant battle keeping them from grabbing each other’s tits.  Raising a skirt to flash a thigh that had no merit to be exposed.  Wearing a skirt that was so short they could not sit without exposing panties.  And the weirdest thing was they posted photos to Facebook to proclaim to the whole world their lack of classiness.  The thing that finally made them hate me so much that they stole the group, was when I told them that they should not post any crude pictures while mentioning that they were part of The Group.  They disliked me so much that they went behind my back and spun a story sufficient that I was kicked out of the group I founded nearly five years before.  And kicked out of GR Pride.

And blessed with going back to just having FUN!

So now a flat out fetishist has the phone number on GR Pride’s website for the new group.  So a serious place, trying to get the General Population to take transpeople seriously, has a fetishist as their contact person!  What a laugh THAT is!!!

Apparently the new group is run by a GR Pride employee.  So the CDer group is run by a non CDer.

And even more funny is that GR Pride told the members that they could not put any photos on social media referencing GR Pride!   Back to what I told them that prompted their coup.

Things changed with that group.  It became a slave to one fetishist member and another obsessive fetishist member.  The trans people would come, join, get comfortable with themselves, and fly away to claim their rightful place in society.  The fetishists you can’t get rid of.  They accumulate until they have the numbers to overtake the basic tennents of the group.  It was a classy non fetish trans and CDer group.  The last and only non fetish CDer group became yet another fetish group.  There are plenty of fetish groups even in Grand Rapids.  Why not just continue going to one of them?  Look at us!  Look at us!  We NEED your interaction to validate us!  We don’t care what it is, we’ll take anything.  Just PLEASE look.  And touch if you like.  But we can’t post to FB and tie in GR Pride.  Pity they had to do it so mean.  Pity when I tried for nearly a year to accommodate them.  But forever they have to live with the stigma that what they could not create they had to steal.

So as you can see they did not defeat me.  They just showed me that it was time to get back to what I originally wanted to do.  Go OUT as Billie among the General Population (GP) and be largely ignored.   Note the people behind me.  Ignored me.Be an ambasatrix for the T in LGBTQ as necessary should the GP choose to see me as that.  Work in some kind of atypical feminine job.  Have FUN.  Those were my original goals.  But I thought I needed to have some others with me for safety sake, safety in numbers.  It turned out that the numbers, via their attention seeking behavior and their backstabbing, were less safe.

“Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty I am free at last!”  No comparison to what the great man was referencing but in a way fitting.  Over time the sting of what a person who called itself a “friend” to my face yet went behind my back and stole from me diminishes.  I am almost there.