A new beginning – Continuing The Grand Illusions in a pure state

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The Grand Illusions is was the only non fetish classy adult trans and CDer group in the Midwest.  Through the years The Group has helped many M-F transpersons to become comfortable with themselves, helped many CDers to accept themselves, even suicide interventions.  One characteristic is that the M-F transpersons grow wings and fly.  But the fetishists accumulate.  And they infect the other weaker members eager to please.

There are plenty of fetish groups in Michigan and Grand Rapids.  There is was just ONE classy M-F group.

Some fetishists decided that they would rather the group be less restrictive on behavior and dress.  That it would be a fetish group.  Instead of trying to blend in, they wanted the group to stand out, think slutty.  Look at me!  Validate me!  And they wanted to post photo proof on Facebook.   Over the span of nearly a year, the arguments between myself the facilitator and the self appointed co facilitator, who wanted more fetish, less classy,  the arguments grew more heated.  In spite of the facilitator (myself) suggesting that they start their own fetish group, two fetishists decided to hijack the existing group.  Two of them went behind the back of the group founder (me) and spun a tale to the newly hired director of the venue meeting space.  Without even talking to the facilitator (me) the recently hired venue director cancelled the group and shut down any communication to the person who ran the group for nearly five years (me) .

There are some possibilities now a reality.

  • The venue provider may did start a new group that meets at the venue probably run by a non CDer. Any outings will be run by the fetishists.
  • The venue provider may choose to not have a CDer group. Any outings will be run by the fetishists.
  • The venue provider may elect to wait for some time before they start a new group. Any outings will be run by the fetishists.

The Grand Illusions is continuing with OUTings as always and will eventually add IN Meetings.  But the IN Meetings will not be at the original venue.  I am searching for a venue now.  I am having too much fun going back to my original goals without having to babysit the inevitable fetishists in attendance.

If you want to be a part of the OUTings email me at the address shown on this website.  The Grand Illusions has become an invitation only group to keep the fetishists out.  It has always been a blending in classy group which seeks to be a good ambassador for the LGBTQ community especially the trans community.  For the near term future I am going to keep things simple.  I find that I don’t need an entourage to be relatively safe.  Actually I find that I am safer without fetishists around because their goal is the opposite of mine.  They WANT attention.  And will dress or act in any manner to get it.  I have been getting communications from other classy CDers seeking someone to go out with.  Eventually it will happen.  But for a while I just want to have some fun without the hassle a few brought in to it with their need for attention.

With two CDer groups meeting in Grand Rapids, the general population will now have a complete view of the M-F CDer community.  One giving the impression that the CDers want to be seen, want to shock, want to interact in less than classy behavior, that it is all a fetish, ie: sexual.  And a second group which seeks to disappear in the general population, to be classy, to help the general population to get comfortable with M-F trans behavior, good ambassatrix.