Visiting A Friend

2018 01 02

There is a CDer who was one of the very few to attend the early meetings of The Grand Illusions.  If it wasn’t for her The Group probably wouldn’t be there because only two people would come besides me for about the first three or four meetings.  It amazes me how long it takes for people to discover us.  We still get people living nearby who just found out about us.  And that is after posting on for years, having a website for maybe four years, writing articles for the (now gone) local LGBTQ magazine, writing a blog, posting on FaceBook for maybe four years.

Anyway this friend is VERY sharp about what is going on in the world.  Very interesting to talk to.  Her knowledge is awe inspiring.  Yet she is humble.

And has had some very bad breaks.

Back in the late 90s early 2000s she worked the night checkin at a Holiday Inn.  Things were slow so she doodled on the back of the stationary.  OMG you should see these drawings!!!!!  I saw five of Marvel style super heroes.  These could be used in a new series as she has created some new characters.  These are art quality!!!

But alas Parkinsons.  Her right hand shakes uncontrolably.  SAD.

And a couple of years ago she had a stroke.  She battled the odds and although she went from totally independent living, she has battled to get back up to assisted living.

Hugs Geena!!!!!

We gabbed for three hours.

Then her care worker arrived and came in to the apartment not knowing I was there, saw me, thought Geena (in guy) and I (enfemme) might have been doing something!  HA!  I told Geena that I should have said “Stop please! I am exhausted!”  when he came in.  HA!

It made Geena smile.  I enjoyed myself immensely.

I wore this outfit for lunch.

I found the dress at Macy’s for something like eight bucks.  But I wouldn’t buy it because it has no sleeves.  While I was watching the dress, each time I went in to Macy’s, I found the shrug at Goodwill.  The shrug was $5.99.  So I bought the shrug and went back to Macy’s and bought the dress.  They are from different designers and the taupe color is ever so slightly off.  But as you can see, the are close enough!

I wore this to see Geena.  It is a much modified Halloween costume with a skirt I made from scratch.  Without it would have been inappropriate for wearing in public.  WAY too short.  Way too deep plunge in the front.  Instead of people smiling at my costume they would have felt negatively about me.  Better to go classy.


I wore this to the Gun Lake Casino.

It was VERY cold and quite windy.  I love the weird sensations of being fully dressed, yet quite exposed.  Temperatures dropping beginning up at the thigh level and getting more extreme to the toes  When covered everywhere except hands and head, in limited colors at that, we are isolated from the world.  Not so dressed like this.

I wore this to The Apartment Lounge.

I love this big coarse lace!

A GREAT day to have………..


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