Halloween 2017 The Just Wicked Party

2017 11 28

Halloween was SO MUCH FUN this year!  As is usual, Halloween is a multi day event for The Grand Illusions.  The celebration starts the Friday before with a day of OUT and About.  That means lunch and an afternoon of just enjoying being someone totally different from the everyday me.

I wore a red skirtsuit ($7.99 GWs), black Mary Janes from Shoe Carnival ($12.00), a red Little Bo Peep purse ($3.00 GWs), hat ($1.50 GWs), and over that a cute double breasted fall coat with pleated hem ($7.99 GWs).  I mention the prices because I want the newbees to know that they can assemble a decent wardrobe without a huge investment.  Sure some of the gals have enough liquidity to afford anything they see.  But we owe it to those less flush to be able to enjoy the same effects at a more  appropriate, for them, investment.

I have always wanted to wear a dress that had a huge skirt, a huge slip, and even better, a train.  Something that would require attention just to walk.  And everything else would get progressively more difficult from there.  Like climbing stairs, even sitting down.  To sit I had to gather the dress and train from behind me and distribute it evenly on each side of me.  THEN I could sit.

Years ago when The Group I run began, I  mentioned one of my to do items was a wedding dress.  More for the style than the purpose of the dress.  One day a member came to a meeting and announced that she had found me a wedding dress at a yard sale, here it is, and I owed her $25.00!  Now I would have never thought someone would do something like hat.  I certainly didn’t make anything even remotely like a request.  But that member is intensive, in your face, obsessive.  I gave her the $25.00 with instructions to not do that again.

The dress had a huge skirt (check), six foot train (check), lots of lace (check), and beading (check), was vintage (check), eighties (NO, NO), and UGLY (OH NOOOOOOOO).  I would not wear it anywhere!!!!  $25.00 wasted.

It hung in my closet way in the back for four years.

Then I had an idea.  Why not use the ugliness as a part of the dress but change the dress so it isn’t a wedding dress.

So I changed the color of the dress to bright red with white lace!

It has lace down the front








A six foot train


Lace around the back opening





Lace down the sides




And wore it to a huge Halloween party!  SO MUCH FUN!






Met two members of the Kiss heavy metal band.








Met Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc.




That was just Friday.  Halloween still had all day Saturday and Tuesday for more fem time!


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For the SO’s

2017 11 22

Definition:  SO is significant other as in spouse.

Crossdressing wasn’t anything I recognized on my horizon.  An earlier Blog entry goes in to how I started so I won’t bother you with that again.

And it CERTAINLY wasn’t anything my beloved SO saw on her horizon either.   It was four and a half years ago, just about six months after I discovered crossdressing, that she began to find so much information on the internet.  So much doom and gloom about how I was going to plunge off the face of our world.  If she had picked up a new “hobby” and I had done the same kind of research, I too would have taken it as a sign that my previously mostly blissful marriage was crashing in on me.

I couldn’t, wouldn’t give up on us.  If you knew her you would completely understand.   We went through an emotional rollercoaster that was unlike anything I had ever imagined.  It wasn’t until a vacation nearly a three and a half years ago, a vacation planned about a year earlier, near when I started CDing, that things really began to turn around for her.  I requested that we spend the vacation free from discussing CDing.  Just forget it and revel in the us and the now.  It was a great vacation.  The real us that was obscured came back to the surface.  Things immediately went from “hopeless” to hopeful.

A bit over a year from that epiphany things got better than they were before CDing.  The mostly blissful has improved to almost entirely blissful and could yet become completely blissful.  I believe both of us are planning on that.

Gender isn’t cis or transitioning.  Gender is cis to trans and everything in between.  What this is saying is that few if any people are completely their birth gender.  This has always been there, we in the USA have just refused to see it.  Apparently American Indians, the Thais, and India among others have recognized this.  think “tomboy” girls and guys “getting in touch with his feminine side”.  And all the other variations where a guy likes to cook, or clean, or crafts, or dance, or design women’s clothes, or does not enjoy fixing stuff around the house.  Or a woman who does not like to do the things that women traditionally like to do.  Like shopping, dancing, cooking, dancing.

And crossdressing isn’t an either-or thing.  Some CDers I know are almost not CDers, their desire is so infrequent.  Some absolutely have a need to be enfemme, the more the better.  There is a range, a spectrum.  I am fortunate in that crossdressing for me is fun.  It isn’t the real me.  I have a HUGE respect for those who are further along the spectrum than I am.  As my token of admiration I hope to provide a fun and accepting venue for all to gather and enjoy themselves.

Yet crossdressing helps me cope with my guy life.  But not specifically because I am wearing women’s clothes.  For me it is more that I am doing something that allows me to escape the heartaches and pain from an abusive childhood, a very dysfunctional childhood family, moving and new schools four times by first grade, another time at sixth grade.  Bullied by the big kid at each new school.  Bullied by the big kids on each new route for each new school walking home.  I was 32 before I wasn’t afraid of my father any more.  Patterning maybe, PTSD maybe.  But pain nonetheless.  And death of two children.  Pain.

Oh I have tried to fix things.  But people who won’t compromise are poor candidates for relationships.

Thang the stars above for my beloved SO.

If any SOs read this, keep in mind that the most extreme CDers tend to be the ones who are most communicative on the Net.  The relatively moderate supposedly make up the majority of any group, it is no different with CDers.  But the moderates do not post much or do not post anything that incenses the reader.  As you go about your internet research, please keep in mind that the info you get will be dominated by the extremists.

Feel free to leave comments on this blog.  You may also tell me if you prefer that your comments be private.  As the all powerful blogger I get to decide what shows up on the blog.  Compliments are appreciated.  Suggestions are encouraged.  Criticism will result in an army of minions beating down your door.  (Just kidding!)

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