How can you sell a product if there is no need?  Even more disturbing to those pedaling vaporware is what if your previous hot selling item was found to be invalid?  It is easy to get a LOT of people to buy something that has no real tangible value, just play to their fears.  To make it even more real, disguise your lie in a bit of truth.  If no truth is available, create your own.

The justified masses lost their battle against gay marriage.  The kim thing lost her battle to deny licenses.  That whole sad chapter in gay rights denial, right here in the good ol’ USA is about closed.

So what can the doomsdayers sell now?  Let’s go after the trans people.  They are a small enough group that the justified masses can steam roll over them with impunity.

But wait!  Trans people have been out n’ about for eons. Where have there been problems?  Who is molesting the young girls? Who is putting itty bitty cameras in the women’s can?  NOT trans people.  Not crossdressers.  It has always been hetero guys.  Yes they have been creepy jerks.  But NOT trans or CDers.  Trans and CDers just want to be left alone, to fit in, to be as they appear.  There is NO track record of this “problem” until the spokespersons for the fearful justified masses created the crisis.  There is NO crisis.  In a country of 350 million people, where are the thousands, hundreds, even a few, the routine discovery of guys in dresses going in to the women’s cans?

So what do the spokespersons of doom do?  They took a guy and tossed on a wig and stuck him in a dress and shoved him in the women’s toilet.  The women had a justifiable fit.  The doomsayer’s had to manufacture their scenario and it self corrected.  The women threw the guy out.  But over the last decades this wasn’t happening.  Oh you can BET that some trans people were using the women’s AND the men’s toilets, going about their business, making every attempt to blend in, be considerate, to just live life as they had to.  No issues, until the doomsayer’s created it.

But this isn’t going to be about that.  I just went over this to bring your attention to the terror in the justified masses since their spokespersons found a new crisis once the gay crisis became no crisis.  They are suffering from heightened awareness of something that doesn’t exist.

So I have some suggestions for CDers.  A BATHROOM BILLie

  • Do your business before you leave home.
  • Control your liquid intake to fit the availability of safe facilities.
  • When available, use the cans that are unisex, one holers. Typically they are the handicapped bathrooms.  Be considerate of the handicapped people.  If you see someone in a wheelchair nearby, be sensitive to their needs and don’t spend any more time in the handicapped can than absolutely necessary.
  • Prefer the cans that are women’s one holers. These are typically found in the smaller restaurants like Subway (if you can call that a restaurant), Qdoba, anyplace that is a one at a time with a lockable door.
  • Get to know the area, the available facilities, and frequent those with suitable one holers.
  • Stay out of the women’s toilets.
  • If you have NO OTHER OPTION, find a GG to go with you as a chaperone. Keep your eyes down, get in and get out as quickly as possible.  Do NOT take your camera, cell phone, or purse with you.  Get in and get out as fast as you can with you chaperone with you except when you are in that stall.  Sit, don’t stand when you do your business.  Be quick.

Yes I know you are not peeping, you are just peeing.  But if you get accosted in the women’s toilet and have to negotiate with an angry woman or angry women how will you respond?  If the authorities get involved how will you respond to that?  If you fail the on-the-spot negotiations with an authority figure, if you are then put in a small room with a heavily locked door until the authorities decide if you can be charged with something, will that be worth it?  If you have to spend funds on an attorney will that be worth it?

Look back on the gay marriage battle.  The justified masses, the terrorized doomsdayers, the spokespersons for the religious extremists, all beat their drums because we were DOOMED!  Our society was in peril!  GAY MARRIAGE WILL CAUSE THE END OF OUR WORLD!!!!  Until they lost that one.  Now what are they gonna do?  Lets go after the trans people.  But wait!  There isn’t a track record of problems.  No big deal.  They had to create the problems where there were none.  The lemming population is conditioned to follow their leaders over a cliff on the pretext of any doomsday scenario.  But look at the gay marriage battle.  Look back a bit further to the gay battle, just the right to BE gay.  The blacks were openly persecuted in the South.  Go back even further.  There was a time when anyone in the USA with communist leanings was persecuted.  The US citizens of Japanese descent were put in camps during World War Two.  It wasn’t entirely safe to be Jewish in the USA.  All those battles were lost by the justified masses.  All those formerly feared minorities have been more or less assimilated in to the general population.  So now they need a new whipping boy.  So the trans people lost the hate lottery and are the new poster child for hate.

We need to get through this until the justified and ignorant masses get acclimated to the new order.

We need to get through this until the public places, the businesses, the restaurants, the bars are able to make their toilets suitable for all patrons.

FOR CDers, manage your potty breaks such that you stay out of the multi stall women’s toilets.  No sense in provoking the ignorant.  No sense in taking avoidable chances.  No sense in having a bad day.

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