2016 04 25

I am having a GREAT TIME with this!

On Friday I met Amy Pond for a fun day enfemme.  dscn2912cAmy is a wonderful person and I am delighted that she found The Grand Illusions.  The Grand Illusions is fortunate to have a great group of gals who are FUN to be with.

We started out with lunch at a Noodles.  Then a stop in to ULTA where I bought a powder compact.  You know, mirror, brush/sponge, and the tiniest bit of powder.  All for $14.00.  And that was the lowest cost ULTA brand that they had.  At first the sales associate took me to near forty buck compacts.  I requested we go look at the ULTA branded stuff.  Probably made on the same production line.

Then to Breton Village Mall.  dscn7552cAt one time this place was THE fashionable place for the fashionable ladies.  Now it is down to a LOFT, Talbots (larger sizes and EXPENSIVE), a men’s store, a moderately expensive grocery store, and a great wig shop.  dscn7566cThe lades at Breton Designer Wig are GREAT!  Amy took a video of me coming down the stairs.  In heels.  And I didn’t trip.

Next to downtown Grand Rapids for a walk around.  We stopped in to see Sue Kim at Elegance Wigs.  Sue is as sweet as they come.

dscn7577cTime to go back to The Network to change in to our diner outfits and off to Olive Garden.  As a treat to Justin, our official purse/coat/camera/drink watcher he got to choose the restaurant.  OMG this place is overpriced!  Ten bucks for three cups of pasts and a cup of stewed tomatoes and a bit of marinara.  By the time I got out of there, spaghetti, meatballs, the salad with almost no dressing, and bread rolls with no flavor (almost cardboard), and a soda, oh and the tip, it cost me twenty bucks!  Next time we will go to Bran’s.  I can get a nice steak, baked potato, fresh tasty buns, a big salad, and a soda for less than $20.

Again back to The Network, and change in to club wear.dscn7595c

We went to The BOB but OMG it was so packed we couldn’t get in the door.  So we went to Rumors.  This place is always full of neat people.  dscn7596c

dscn7600cI just love people who are different from the masses.  A sweet little soul photobombed me.  I punished him for his naughtiness!  FUN!dscn7601c

OH!  I almost forgot!  I have BIG prescription sunglasses now.  JOY!dscn7570c

On the way home I again noticed the light show and this time I was prepared! Click on this for the video:

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2016 04 11

I am still having fun.  Maybe all the people I run in to are not totally pleasant.  Maybe a small percentage are just plain mean.  But I CHOOSE to have some fun.  Regardless of the bad people.

Crossdressing isn’t the darling child of every TV sitcom.  The entertainment industry, fashion industry, the media may have become bored with the gay population and found a new and titillating story in trans people.  So the awareness is raised about trans now.  As a side affect the awareness for trans and gay has also found the religious extremists.  Much proselytizing by the “righteous” in the more extreme churches.  Perhaps not extreme, yet the Mormon church just produced a doctrine that even the children of gay parents will suffer the consequences of their parents lives.  Around 2500 people dropped out of that organization as a result.  Previously that organization decided that maybe blacks were not so evil after all.  Positively medieval to think they weren’t worthy in the first place.  The bible does have a passage about punishing to the third and fourth generation.  You would think by the second generation that it would be more than enough?

But crossdressing is still fair game for anyone needing to humiliate a non conforming citizen.  Trans people have also become the scapegoat for those who are dedicated to hate.  Ignorance has become the new status symbol for those who are ignorant.

I am still OUT there, doing my thing, harming no one, adding a little spice to the world.

I was OUT Friday April 8th.  All Day!!!  SUCH FUN!dscn9868r


DSCN9869 (2)I wore the black coat over the yellow skirt suit because it was cold outside.  It was snowing off and on.  I love the temperature differences.  My head is plenty warm.  My torso and arms are warm because of the coat ($15.00 from GWs).  But the front of my neck and the upper chest isn’t.  And although I am completely dressed, effectively I have nothing protecting me from the elements upper thigh down. I was completely covered including stockings to my toes, but that doesn’t mean there was any insulation value.  Such Fun!  dscn9870rThe skirt suit came from Yonkers.  I fell madly in love with it the instant  I saw it.  But it was expensive, over a hundred!  I couldn’t justify that kind of expense.  I counted the quantities on the rack, memorized the number of each size, and waited.  There was just one my size.  Finally they went on sale.  I bought mine for about 60% off.  Still at $40 I was feeling conflicted because that is a LOT to spend, for me.  dscn9873rBut I feel so good when I wear it!  And the fabric is a coarse heavy knit, plus the big black buttons, and the yellow isn’t a bright yellow, so I wear this in the late winter / early spring with black  shoes, purse, bling, coat, and it works.



Mid afternoon I changed in to the yellow fit and flare or swing dress.  dscn9885rIt is a heavier knit fabric but is really a late spring dress.  I found it at GWs.  It is a one of a kind because someone made it!  And then donated it to GWs!!!!!  I rejoiced when I found it at $5!  dscn9877rI decided to make it a bit 50s by wearing a petticoat under it.  I got the petticoat for about $20 on line.  It works with another swing dress that I haven’t worn yet.



I changed in to the third outfit for clubbing.  dscn9894rThe yellow blazer from GWs ($7.00) over the pleather skirt (on sale for $30 [gasp] from Macys), fishnets ($1.50 GWs), and boots ($10.00 Charlotte Russe).  For some reason these boots with a platform and modest heels feel higher than others with less.  But I like the way they look and let’s face it, fashion comes before comfort.dscn9891r






BTW I mention the prices because I wish to show that this can be affordable.  Please keep in mind that I have been shopping for a bit over three years.  If I am patient I can find bargains at the new stores and REAL bargains at GWs.  But sometimes, thankfully not very often, I found (past tense) something that I just fell in love with and could see that it would REALLY work.  Only three times have I paid full price.  rsz_1rsz_dscn3319_2Two dresses and one coat.  Every time I wear either of those dresses I feel like a fool.  Maybe a well dressed fool, but a fool.  Well it was very early in my CDing and I didn’t have hardly anything to wear and you know how it is……….  Now as for that coat……………. It is the long black faux fur one that I LOVE!!!!  I have NO REGRET there!!!!  bv_01428It is long, heavy, warm, has a sheen, and is LUXURIOUS!!!!  Every time I put it on I swoon because I feel like a queen.  But I did learn my lesson and now shop with a much more cautious eye.  And I have cut my purchases to the occasional fabulous find that is something unique, fits perfectly, works with something I already have to complete an outfit.  Or is a complete outfit in itself.  Something unlike I have now.  And in perfect condition, requiring no or very little sewing.  And cheap.  As in CHEAP!  Mostly GWs.


BUT, BUT, BUT, OMG, Macy’s had a sale, Younkers had a sale.  OMG!  I found a fantastic black dress at Macys that has fine strings, like hair, in tiers, like ruffles made of threads.  And the ruffles have silver strands in them.  Short sleeves and the dress isn’t too short.  Only $15.00.  Oh and a navy blue lace dress at Macys with flared long sleeves.  OMG!  $12.96!!!   And a gold knit pleated skirt that is almost a full circle!  A DREAMY fabric!!!!  And only $14.99.  And at Younkers a black very unique blazer with a diagonal zipper that ands at a big bow on the front of the shoulder.  Part of the bow goes over the shoulder.  And it has GOLD FLECKS!  Perfect for the skirt.  And “just” $18.60.  GASP!  GASP!  Shot my budget for a while!  I spent $61.55 plus tax.  Believe me that is a LOT of money to spend on what for me is just fun.  But please keep in mind that I was oblivious to crossdressing until late in life.  It isn’t like I feel the need to catch up.  It is just that I want to experience all the different looks that I see.  Each outfit has a personality and effects me as such.  It is like the shoes.  Each pair has a personality.  From the obvious boots/shoes, to the obvious heels/flats, sure.  But even two pairs of shoes with the same heel height have a different stride and feel different. Same concept for the dresses.  The fabrics are so different and after so much of my life trussed up in 100% cotton or a polyester blend work uniform, body hair eliminating most contact, this is all sensations.  I LOVE the fabrics!  The stockings!  The slips!

And then the next day I get to wear what is completely practical, go in to the garage, and tear something apart and fix it.  Weld something.  Make something.  OOOH!! Wire up something.  Also SUCH FUN!

I get to experience the best of both worlds.  Yes I also get to experience the ALL of my birth world too.  But doesn’t that come with the bargain?  At least, once a week, I get to escape and be goofy.  Be the opposite.

The curious thing isn’t that I do this.  The really curious thing is that EVERYONE isn’t doing this!

Well I am having………………


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OMG!!! I am having SO MUCH FUN with this!

2016 04 02

I have a HUGE wardrobe.  If I wore one outfit each day with no repeats and because I get OUT (by choice) once a week, I would never be able to wear everything.  Each time I get OUT I take two or three extra outfits and change during the day.

DSCN9789 (2)I started the day in a blazer of pink coarse weave with white and silver threads forming a grid pattern.  Over a white coarse weave skirt that has a sparkling thread running through it.  Because it was very windy I could not wear the hat I planned on so I wore a scarf to keep my hair in place.  Pink T straps and a pink purse, white bling.  Bliss!  BTW everything but the bling and shoes came from GWs and required no modification.  I received more compliments on my shoes than on the rest of the outfit.

DSCN9807 (2)Mid afternoon I changed in to the hot pink shift dress.  A bit of spandex makes it SO dreamy to wear.  Fits like a glove.  And over it an embroidered blazer that works SO well.  Blazer and dress from GWs.  One person told me that I looked good in pink, another told me I was beautiful.  I already knew I felt beautiful inside.

DSCN9817 (2)

For dinner I changed in to the fuchsia skirt suit.  I found this is a discount store in Chicago for $10.00!  The blazer fit perfectly but the skirt was WAY to big and WAY too long.  So I took apart the waist band and removed the zipper after sewing the liner to the skirt where the new waistband was going to be.  Turning the skirt inside out and the liner right side out, think skirt to the left, liner to the right, I re-sewed the panel seams to make the skirt smaller plus added some darts to the top for shape.  Then the same to the liner.  I next folded the top over for a waist band and sewed it in place.  I put the zipper and hook/eye back on.  It doesn’t take that long and I ended up with a cute Le Suit for ten bucks and some labor.

DSCN9822 (2)We went to Payless by Woodland Mall so Amy could pick up some shoes she ordered.  I stopped in to Shoe Carnival to see if a pair of shoes on the sale rack had been further reduced in price.  They had not so I left without them.  We walked Woodland Mall.  Checked out a store called The Shoe Department and the Payless in the mall.  These four shoe stores treat us well so we have purchased quite a number of pairs through them.  The ladies working in the Payless in the mall were particularly friendly and sweet.  A definite asset to Payless.

DSCN9837 (2)After dinner I changed in to the pink satin blazer and the slit skirt.  Both came from GWs.  But the skirt was a size 8, too small.  And it was mid calf length.  By measuring up from the hem, determining where the new waist band would be shortening it at the top, I could see that there would be just the right waist length.  So I bought it and spent an hour modifying it.  But although the hem is just at my knees, those slits aren’t.  But it is SO much fun to walk and dance in it as the pieces flap around.  When walking the hem is all busy in motion.  Such Fun!  But sitting requires some concern as it is all but impossible to keep the slits closed.  Solution?  Over the knee boots and fishnets!  I felt HOT! This outfit brought on a LOT of compliments.

DSCN9849 (2)OMG I am having SUCH FUN!!!!!

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Separation is SO hard!
Even if they were just friends.

2016 04 01

I an emotional as I write this.  Loss is always had to handle.  And I rail against the senseless loss.  Sometimes cursing at the gods of loss.  So forgive my melancholy.

They were there for me when my life was losing the warmth, when my days were becoming gloomy, when nature’s life appeared to be ending.  Together they made me more comfortable with myself, I was less sensitive to the onslaught.  Together, we three could endure.  But without them I would be on my own and with one missing all semblance of balance was thrown out the window.

I never knew them before they were a couple.  It seemed like they would have been together from creation.  It seemed like they would be together until time ended, or at least their time ended.  When we first met they were together.  A couple, a natural pair.  You just expected them to always be togeger.

And we had such good times together, and accomplished much together.  I alone or with just one probably would not have been able to enjoy those good times and definitely would not have accomplished as much.  Certainly not as comfortably.

It was purely my carelessness that caused the separation.  It’s all my fault.  They carry no blame.  They were so beautiful, so perfect, innocent, even simple, that they could never be blamed.  I accept the guilt even though I don’t have a clue when or how it happened.  I keep asking, screaming to the gods of loss WHY?

Yes I can find replacements.  I have been through this kind loss before.  I guess it makes me an official “loser”.  When I go out with the one that remains, I am in everyone’s eyes a loser.  So I will scream it from the rooftops in frustration and pain!!!!!!………………………………………………………………………………..


V    V    V    V    V    V


V    V    V    V    V    V


V    V    V    V    V    V



DSCN9862 (2)

Where is that damned other glove!

Posted April fools day.

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