2015 07 28


It was entirely my fault. I had too much soda to drink for lunch. My favorite soda, lots of ice, nice and cold, and right by the soda fountain. The temptation was too much, I was hot, it was cold, I was thirsty and hungry. Gulp Gulp Gulp.

A hour later the stuff was passing right through me, I had to go NOW! I was looking pretty and done up to the nines. So I hurried in to the ladies, empty, all stalls, and scurried in to the far one, backed up and did my business. Both kinds. Whew! The body shaper and Fort Knox padded panties make this a BIG effort. Not so much the end part but certainly getting through the gate. Took some paper and, while still seated, proceeded to do the obvious. Just then I heard “Is there anyone in here?” I answered yes in my best little feminine voice. Mote paper and wiping again. Again “Is There Anyone In Here?” Again in my best feminine voice I answered yes. Wiping faster. Yet again “IS THERE ANYONE IN HERE?” Again yes in my most feminine voice. Still again “IS THERE ANYONE IN HERE?” Wiping very fast now I answered yes, frightened. “SIR YOU GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE! THIS IS FOR THE WOMEN ONLY!” I wiped one last time, and as I pulled my panties up, “SIR YOU GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!!! THIS IS FOR THE WOMEN ONLY!” So pulled up and skirt down, I opened the stall door, waltzed over to her and her backup, took her hand in mine, shook it, and told her to have a nice day.

In about a hundred times OUT n about this is the first time this has happened to me.


Actually I completely sympathize with her. It is not inconceivable that some guy would dress up in a dress and a wig and go in to the women’s can to peep. I have never heard of a M-F TS/CDer doing this, we are just NOT in to that. But should the ladies have to process this out every time the go to the loo? Would we want our daughters, sisters, or lovers to have to worry about some pervert in the ladies room? But I was not peeping, I was keeping my eyes on the goal of getting in to the stall, doing my business, in and out, done. I see no one, I hope no one sees me.

Time to go back to that “one holer” location list, to update and expand it.

So after I shook her hand I beat a path to the door and my car and got the hell outta there.

I then remembered that I wasn’t allowed to wash my hands. And that I shook her hand on the way out without even thinking. My apologies.


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“Do You Know About Katlin?” they ask me

I was OUT enfemme again June 30th. What better reason than that it was the last day of June in the year 2015?

It was lovely OUT there! The temperatures were in the low 70s, the sky was heavily overcast, no oppressive heat. There were a few sprinkles and some scattered HEAVY rain. Some of the cloud were so dense with water that they were almost black. Some were like a wall obscuring everything below and beyond. But mostly it was just perfect.

As usual it takes me HOURS to get ready. It would take a lot of work to make a beat up old Pacer look like a hot Ferrari. So I just enjoy the transition and the effort it takes. And when I finish and take one last glance in the mirror before I go OUT in to the world, OH MY! How I LOVE the difference!

I spent a few hours at The Network helping sort some books from their extensive library. Larry asked for some help from anyone affiliated with The Network. I just love Larry. He I SO sharp and fun and funny and serious and smart and kind and PERFECT for The Network. I felt fortunate to be able to help and show my gratitude to The Network for al that is possible because of them.

I wore a new (to me) red summer dress that has a sheer outer layer over a liner. The outer sheer layer has a grid of isolated satin squares. It is a bit short but it IS summer. And my knees and thereabouts do need to get out now and then.

I changed in to a new (to me) skirt suit and did dinner at Penn Station Subs on 28th Street near Breton. The crew there are SO nice!!! They know my name, treat me VERY sweetly, and my food is always perfect. This is a class act. The managers right to the workers are first rate.

Then I went to GWs. While shopping I was approached by a little Hispanic lady. She was beaming and asked me if I had heard of Kaityn Jenner. I told her that I did. I read the article in Vanity Fair. I didn’t say so, but Kaityn and I are vastly different. Although I enjoy the process of transforming myself, I enjoy the hunt for outfits, I enjoy the assembling of outfits, I am different in that I would never consider transitioning. I am the lucky one to have never been subjected to the internal pain. For me it is 100% FUN!

Anyway this sweet soul had a bunch of questions. I answered them all with a smile and affection for another human being. So sweet to be curious and kind, she complimented me on my nails (red, long, with teeny pink sparkles), my hat (white summer smallish sun hat), my skirt (black, flowy, with red, green, lavender, and purple flowers), my shoes (red mary janes), my eyes (smoky, five shades of shadow-off white to black blending outward), three of sparkles (silver at the inner corner to white to pink at the middle of the lid), and my lashes (huge). My eyes were dramatic cat eyes. Takes the attention away from my flaws. And she complimented me on my cleavage which unfortunately is a byproduct of post cancer, meds, and losing 35 pounds in the right places and leaving some weight in the wrong places to form boobs. Oh well, I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and started crossdressing. Then she said something that was kind of sad. She said that I, as a man, looked better as a woman, than she did as a woman. I get approached a lot when out. On this day I was complimented by another woman in the lobby of a theatre on my hat and skirt with the flowers. Yet another woman in a bar complimented me on my shoes. A separate woman in the bar complimented me on my hat. Another complimented my skirt. Together the last two complimented me on my looks. I have been called beautiful, pretty, and gorgeous by five women on the same day. I get this a lot. I think that the only thing it reveals is the poor state of eye care in this area. Obviously either these women need glasses or they forgot them today. But when I get the “you look better” thing, my heart goes out.

Everyone, even a man, can look beautiful if they know how to do the tricks AND They Have The Time. It is unfair to compare someone who has devoted HOURS getting ready to someone who has a real life. Even Katilin Jenner will look good (great, fantastic, OMG) after maybe $100,000 in surgeries and a daily hours long makeup ritual. But it is unfair that a woman compares herself to what someone looks like after a MAJOR makeup job.

So I explained to her that I looked good because I put a LOT of work in to it. That anyone will look good if they had that same attention. This is why, if I was Queen of the USA, I would make it a benefit and a requirement that every woman have a professional makeup session, wardrobe, and photoshoot early in her adulthood. That way it would level the field and every woman would have positive proof that she was beautiful too.

I changed in to this outfit and stopped in to The Apartment, a really nice quiet, cozy place in Downtown Grand Rapids. It is frequented by everyone. I spent a couple of hours there and went home to undo myself. Happy that I got to wear some more of my collection.

DSCN6171 DSCN6179


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