2015 05 22

The Need For A Girl Name

Yesterday I saw a newbie introduce HIMSELF on a crossdresser forum. I say HIMSELF because his ID was his guy name. For any newbies, you really need to have an email address with your girl name as the only way to identify you for anything to do with CDing.


If you wonder why, just google “billieannejean” with the quotes.  The quotes eliminate the Michael Jackson song and the tennis player. If you do Google me, you will find forum posts, forum threads, Facebook, my blog, The Grand Illusions, and images of me.  LOTS of images of me. Now imagine if an employer or credit service did that!


So for the newbies, I urge you to create an email account ONLY in your girl name.  Then make sure that any CDer forum or chat group you belong to ONLY has your girl name. If you have already started a membership using anything resembling your guy name, consider closing the membership and starting over.


For our Group, The Grand Rapids Crossdresser Social Group “The Grand Illusions” we do not use any guy information.  We ONLY use your girl information. Our level of identity protection is very high to protect any member with the most need.



2015 05 11

“This looks like fun!”

I heard a woman say that to her gal friends while shopping.  She was looking at a skirt. She was imagining wearing that cute skirt, the flirty one that was so wiggly, so full of personality, so expressive, so colorful, it MOVED.

I never heard a guy say that wearing something would be fun. Never. And if you are a guy, you never did either.

No guy ever looked at anything in the men’s department and thought that wearing it would be fun. We guys don’t get to wear anything FUN. We get black, gray, navy , brown. In cotton, denim, whatever. But never fun. Not even in summer when we go all colorful in black, gray, navy, tan (light brown) and occasionally white but only within two miles of a beach. And it sure as hell better not wear something that has personality or moves. It must fit like a MAN’s shirt or a MAN’s pant. Yep that is what we get. Shirts, pants, and short pants. Every day. Nothing different. Even our bathing suits look like short pants. And our shoes are all about the same. Same shapes, same heel heights, same everything. Maybe cloth “basketball” shoes/sneakers/tennis shoes with a bit of color that looks out of place next to the bland rest.

DSCN3119 (2)

But the girls get skirts, dresses, pants, capris (don’t like em), short shorts (I like them on girls), rompers (I like them on girls), gowns, jumpsuits. Even the length of the hems can create a whole new attitude. And don’t get me started on the colors and fabrics. And the fabrics feel GOOD! Sensuous!

So there is no need to ask what the attraction is for me. If you are suffering from insomnia, just walk through the men’s section and look. If you need a pick-me-up, then walk through the ladies section. It is about four times the size of the men’s. Even more so in the late winter or early spring when all the colors come out.

Same for the shoes. Men’s shoes are about the same year round. Not so the ladies. And the heel height create a whole different look from very casual flats to very sexy sky scraper heels.

DSCN2805 (2)

But I was not completely accurate when I said I never heard a guy say that wearing something looks like fun. Because I hear that every time I go shopping with another crossdresser. And they are always SO HAPPY to find something fun! Crossdressing lets us express ourselves by assembling an outfit that has colors and textures completely unlike the boring guy’s stuff.

I love this. And I love being a guy who crossdresses. I have the best of both!

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Flowers, Trees, and Plastic Part 2 of 2



In that field of grass, even in the patches of alike grass there are what some would call weeds. I remember a quote from a poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox: “A weed is but an unloved flower!” I have a coarse weave blazer that if it was uniform in texture and color would be unappealing. Like that field of grass would be without the “imperfections”. Even the wealthy with their huge lawns of perfect grass see the need to break it up a little with their perfect flower beds and perfect ornamental bushes. Notice that even there in the flower beds and shrubs, they use variety and colors to further break it up. Advocating diversity in the most elemental way.

DSCN2950 (2)

So too in that field the different grasses, weeds, and flowers provide a pleasant blend against uniformity. Because if the field was but one kind of grass, all the life that benefits from the diversity would be lost or move away. There would be one or maybe no butterflies because the appropriate sustenance would be missing from the uniformity in that field.


Nature has found a way for there to be diversity even in the grasses. Diversity is necessary in humans and plants for many reasons, one of which is the resistance to disease. In the 1840s Ireland had a famine that took about one million lives because the potato crop was all but entirely one kind of potato. Essentially a totally cloned crop of potatoes if susceptible to any disease, affects the whole harvest. That happened and they starved. Bananas are in danger of this happening because we tend to like one kind of banana. Therefore one kind dominates the crop. But if a blight occurs, the almost monoculture crop will fail. And if that monoculture crop is worldwide, the failure will be worldwide. Then our grocery stores will not have the nice yellow Cavendish bananas.

DSCN3360 (3)

This beautiful pastoral scene with the trees and the grasses and the flowers makes me think of the diversity and characteristics of people. The vast majority of the people are like the grasses. Essential, diverse, providing the foundation for the survival of everything. In the fields of grass are trees, providing strength against the winds and storms, shelter for the delicate animals of flight, a place to climb in to for escape for the animals that depend on this. Some people are like the trees. Then there are the flowers. They are not so much sustaining life but certainly provide the reason to smile when we look at the field. Some people are like flowers. They have a particular gift, a talent, a warm smile, a hug, kindness, they give beauty just for the sake of it, because they can. Yet they know that they are dependent on the grasses to bind the soil, the trees to hold the wind and anchor it all. Some people are flowers just because genes were kind to them and they decorate the place.

DSCN3219 (2)

But this field has a plastic flower that somehow blew in from some resale shop sidewalk sale. That plastic flower looks real from a distance, kind of dresses the field up a little when the real flowers are between seasons or the weather is too cold. That plastic flower is out there not only when the temperature is kind. She is there fall, winter, and spring in full bloom, harming no one, taking no water, requiring nothing but to be part of the landscape. An acknowledged imposter but happy to be so. I am a Crossdresser, that plastic flower. Please do not see me as trash or pollution. The illusion I present is all I have. I mean no harm, only to add a little diversity, a little color, a little beauty. Yes I admit it is all fake, but from a distance, even a plastic flower adds a little color and diversity. Even when it is -10 degrees and a blizzard.

DSCN3592 (2)

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